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Demands to Lloyds of London

Our demands are to immediately and forever:

  1. Tell the truth about who you insure and the impact of insuring and/or reinsuring fossil fuels and biomass, which enables climate destruction, puts profit over people, and puts everything we love at risk.
  2. Stop insuring and/or reinsuring any and all fossil fuel and biomass companies and projects, including those that already exist, are expanding, are new, or are planned.
  3. Exclude all fossil fuel and biomass companies from syndicate level assets, Members' Funds, and the Central Fund of Lloyd's. 

How to meet the demands

It's really simple. Make a public announcement immediately committing Lloyds of London to the above demands, and then follow through.


  • Fossil fuel company - any company for which more than 5% of its revenue comes from the exploration, extraction, refinement, storage, transportation, and/or marketing of fossil fuels, or consumption of them. This includes the development and sale of technology used to aid any of these (e.g. artificial intelligence software used to find new oil deposits, research into better extraction techniques) and intense users of fossil fuels (e.g. the petrochemical industry). 
  • Fossil fuels - any fuel that releases long-stored CO2 when burnt. These include, but are not limited to all types of coal, oil obtained via any means (including the exploitation of tar sands), and all types of methane (often called "natural" gas) obtained via any means, including fracking
  • Biomass - recent biological matter that releases previously stored CO2 when burnt. Biomass can be renewable, but in practice rarely is. More often than not, highly biodiverse old-growth forest is destroyed and burnt before being replaced with monoculture pine plantations that can't support vital ecosystems. These young plantations cannot absorb all the CO2 released by felling and burning the previous forest by the time we need to be carbon neutral by to avoid catastrophic ecosystem and climate collapse - 2025. This means they are not carbon neutral or renewable in the timescale we need to worry about.